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Sunnyday Syndrome and Black Nailpolish
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community for the webcomics Sunnyday Syndrome and Black Nailpolish
A community for the webcomics Sunnyday Syndrome (by kanixadra )and Black Nailpolish (by darkest_lala
Sunnyday Syndrome updates Wednesday and Sunday. Black Nailpolish updates weekly, on no specific day (normally monday or sunday >>).
Feel free to join and comment! (please? we live off these things)

Sunnyday Syndrome is a webcomic following the story of Opal Hernandez, a junior in highschool who's friends are determined to get her to use the new year as another start. With things constantly coming between her and her best friend Elliot, along with the appearance of a weird new guy, things are looking to be very hectic for her.

Black Nailpolish is the story of not-so-emo emo boy Jacob, who's head over heels in love with resident lolita cross-dresser Johhny Ichimura. His best friend Brandon has decided to help him win over his crush, even while Johhny and his friend Noel plan their own hook-ups.